A New Year’s Message

Josh:   Being the oldest dog in the house, it is up to me to speak for the entire pack.   I want to wish all of you dogs out there – whether you are painted in gold or not – a very Happy New Year!  I once again hope we can, as the most lovable of all creatures, show these humans what true love and compassion is all about.     We can continue to wag our tails vigorously as they yell at their televisions.  We can continue to pant happily as they complain about whatever negative stuff is now showing up on their Twitter feed.   We can laugh about how ridiculous they look worrying over petty stuff (Think about what OUR lives are like, humans!  We often will lay on the floor, panting wildly while doing nothing more than looking at a blank wall.   We are HAPPY in just about every situation – unless you missed our feeding schedule, of course!)       If only people can cherish their time as much as we doggies cherish ours – we don’t know where it began, and we have no concept of it all ending.   All we know is what is happening right at this very second, and we are going to live the next second just like we lived the previous one.  Happy!   I wish you all the best, and we will see you in 2017!

Indeed, Josh.  Indeed.   Although New Year’s Eve is not quite as scary for dogs as the 4th of July can be, just remember to keep your dogs safe.  If you live in a neighborhood where fireworks are  a New Year’s Eve possibility, keep your dogs INSIDE until they subside.   A dog freaked out by fireworks can become “Superdog”, capable of hopping high fences or barreling through fences you thought were secure.    If you are having a party, make sure Fido is safe and comfortable – if your house typically doesn’t have much company, he may be spooked/stressed by having so many people at once showing up at the door.     Keep all of that in mind and have a Happy New Year!