Golden Retrievers Speak: Beach Weather

Jeter:   I haven’t been to the beach in a long time.  Josh and I used to go to the beach often.  He would prance along on the beach with Mommy while Daddy would play ball with me.   Daddy has always been petrified of allowing us to actually go in the ocean water to swim or retrieve, so we would need to be on leashes.    Josh was a beach bum – much more than I was.  He had no trouble just finding a spot and laying down for as long as he wanted to.

Alanis:  I have yet to go to a beach..

Jeter:  I cannot imagine your insanity on the beach.    We once had a hound dog in this house, and the only time they took him to the beach, he barked at the waves.   I bet anything that is exactly what you would do, as well.   Plus, I cannot imagine you with other dogs and people on the beach.  What an adventure.

Alanis:  Yeah, yeah yeah.  Don’t assume how I would act, Jeter!

Jeter:  One time, Mommy went off to collect shells and left Josh and me with Daddy.  A person walked by with their dog, and Daddy told him that it was OK – that we would be calm as they walked by.     We stunned him when we both made a big lunge towards the dog, knocking Daddy over.  He lost his glasses in the sand.  It was so funny.

Alanis:  I wish I was there for that!

Jeter:  Another time, he got tangled with Josh in his leash as they were walking, and he fell right into the ocean.  With his cell phone in his pocket!   Bye, bye cell phone!

Alanis:  What a jackass.

Jeter:  Never a dull moment with that Einstein as a father.  Anyway, playing ball on the beach was amazing for me.  Daddy would find a quiet spot, and we would play for seemingly hours.    The walks were long, and the fun we had was incredible.   Especially Josh.  He was made to be a beach dog.

Alanis:  I understand there were birds that intrigued you on the beach…..

Jeter:  Oh, yes!  I was intrigued by sandpipers.  Those birds are so cool with how they walk around by the water, plotting their moves for their next meals.  Nature is so intriguing….

Me:   Josh indeed had a certain way about him on the beach.  He would walk for miles with Colleen, but was also just as content with laying in the sand without a care in the world.   I am naturally petrified of letting my dogs in the water, though I would sometimes walk Jeter into the water on his leash, because he loved getting wet.    In our area, there are beaches where dogs are allowed to go, as long as they are leashed (not everyone obeys that!), and most dogs will probably enjoy the occasional frolic.   Just remember that if you are unsure about another dog that approaches, don’t put either dog in a position where they are uncomfortable.  It is supposed to be a fun day, not a fight day!

As for bad things dogs can get into on the beach, there aren’t many.  Eating a little sand or swallowing a touch of sea water won’t kill them, but obviously, you want to limit that.  There is always a possibility they can cut themselves on a sharp piece of shell, etc.    

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