Golden Retrievers Speak: Tourney Time!

Jeter:   It is time for the NCAA Tournament!   I am all ready to run under the bed if Duke isn’t playing well.  Mommy is a big Duke fan.

Alanis:  I love college basketball!    But I wonder why they shoot the ball into that basket?  Whenever a ball is thrown to me, I do everything in my power to KEEP it.   Why give it away so willingly?

Jeter:   That is how they score points.  Any teams with dog names?  I hear 90% of colleges use the Bulldog as their mascot.

Alanis:  No retrievers?

Jeter:  Maryland-Baltimore County is known as the Retrievers!  Too bad they don’t play basketball very well.

Alanis:  Oh well.  I guess I will just pick the team with the cutest mascot.

Jeter:  That’s shallow!  I am going with the team that will cause me the least stress – Duke!

Alanis:   I don’t get stressed over much of anything.  I need to pick a different team than you.  I will go with Northern Kentucky!

Jeter:  Say what?

Alanis:  They have a 15 next to their name.  Kentucky only has a 2.  Seems like a safe bet to me!

Jeter:  Alright, then.

Alanis:   Northern Kentucky FTW!

Jeter:  I will just leave you to your silly fantasies.   Notice how neither of us picked Daddy’s team? (Michigan)

Alanis:  Well, they are the Wolverines…and we come from wolves…too bad we would never pick anything associated with Daddy.

Jeter:    Josh had a blue Duke collar – it is in the basket of collars Mommy keeps.

Alanis:   Josh had that collar forever!

Jeter:  He was a dedicated Duke fan – even had a Duke leash.   OK, I am out of here – we need to submit our picks into Daddy’s pool.  And no, we are NOT picking Northern Kentucky!

Me:   March Madness may just be my favorite time of the year – I even take the first two days of the tournament off from work.   The games are usually crazy, and nerve-wrecking.   As always, if you are having company or are going to have food out, just pay attention to your dogs to make sure nothing goes awry.  Enjoy the games!

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