Golden Retrievers Speak: Damn You, Trebek!

Jeter:   Yes, it happened again.   This time, however, I did not actually have a seizure.   Let me explain:  If you have read this blog before, you know I have a history of seizures – only two in my seven years on Earth, but even one gives you a history!  Both times, the seizure occurred during Final Jeopardy, when the famous music was playing.  After the second incident, my parents made an executive decision to always mute Final Jeopardy.  Even if it is just a coincidence, why take that chance?   I am a very sensitive dog, but I have never had a seizure after a power outage or when going to the vet.  Nothing has “triggered” one other than Final Jeopardy.     Last night, my mommy and daddy were talking to each other as she fast forwarded to Final Jeopardy.  She forgot to mute the TV.    As the song started playing, I let out what may only be described as a “doggie scream” from what seemed to be a deep sleep.   My parents say it is very hard to describe what the sound was, but they immediately paused the show and checked up on me.   It was almost as if I was shouting “Don’t play that song while I am sleeping!!!  EVER!”    It was scary to them – not really to me. I am not even sure I remember doing it.

Alanis:  It was scary.  I think, at first, that Daddy thought one of us may have been growling at the other.  The noise wasn’t a growl, but it was just so strange.  It startled me as well – I think they are relieved that it wasn’t an issue between us two (I love to sleep right next to Jeter – it would make me sad if he suddenly rejected that!)    In any case, I am a dog and I don’t even know what the heck that was, Jeter.   It was strange, but it got the point across.

Jeter:   Thankfully, Jeopardy is the last thing they watch at night.  Mommy got up to go upstairs, and Daddy broke up the situation by calling us into the kitchen for some cheese.  I had my happy face and wagging tail!  This morning, I was as fine as can be.  No problems – as if nothing happened.

Alanis:  I can vouch for that, as Jeter humped me a few times and went for a nice, long walk on what is promising to be the last nice day for a little while.

Me:   I don’t even know what to say.  There is something about the Final Jeopardy theme song that sends Jeter over the edge.   As a puppy, he was always “fascinated” by the Final Jeopardy song.  He would stop in his tracks and stare at the TV as it was going on, with his ears perked up.   At the time, it was cute and funny – was it actually him having some sort of “focal” seizure event that we just weren’t catching on to?  I don’t think so, but it isn’t impossible, I guess.   Whatever it is, that tune is BANNED from this household and Final Jeopardy has to stay on mute.      No other part of the show bothers him at all, so that is a good thing, since we love the show.       This just goes to show you how complex seizures and dog behavior in general can be.   Hard to really figure out WHY this happens to Jeter – but it does.   We just have to stay vigilant and keep him away from anything that could cause his brain to go a little haywire.


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