Golden Retrievers Speak: Food!

Jeter:   Gosh, when it came to food, no dog in history will ever have Josh beat – that dog was obsessed with food.  The funny thing about Josh was that he had this great ability to tune people out – especially Daddy – but once that cheese wrapper was opened, he suddenly became the most alert dog you will ever find.

Alanis:   In general, we are all food driven – but Josh was indeed one of a kind.   But you have to admit Jeter that you have become worse and worse as the years have gone by.

Jeter:  No argument here.  I used to be a bit more tame when it came to food – would wait to be called.  Wouldn’t take it without permission, etc.  Now?  As soon as Mommy and Daddy get up out of their chairs, I assume food is coming my way.

Alanis:    I am terrible when it comes to thinking that everything is food.  Jeter never gets into any mischief by eating random things on the floor.  Me?   I have tried to eat paper plates, cinnamon capsules, leaves when we go for walks – anything and everything that I think can fit into my stomach.

Jeter:   And we both eat the bird seed that Mommy throws on the deck.  I think it gave me some stomach upset one day – but, since logic isn’t a part of my life, I just ate it again anyway.

Alanis:     Yeah, the bird seed is really good!   We always regret eating it later, but we all can use an indulgence every now and again.

Jeter:    Notice how we have not yet talked about our kibble…

Alanis:  As Daddy likes to say, what people feed their pets is something that can create major debates.

Jeter:   Right now, we eat Rachael Ray.   We have gone through many foods in our lifetimes.     Just like a box of Macaroni and Cheese may not be the best thing for a human to put in their bodies, some kibble is not ideal for us to put inside of our bodies.

Alanis:   This is true – Daddy’s mantra has never really changed:  You should get your dog the highest quality kibble that you can reasonably afford.    Driving yourself crazy over this is just not worth it.  If a zealot wishes to criticize you, just tell them to go bark up their own tree.

Jeter:   Indeed.  Meanwhile, I am going to continue to eat whatever those darn humans wish to give to us.    As we all know now, life is precious – live it up a bit.

Me:    I never like to even entertain debates on dog food.  Look at any online message board on dogs, and you will find an ugly debate on dog food, and whether you should even feed your dog kibble.    Dogs have lived forever on kibble and Mighty Dog.    I agree completely that you should feel your dog the best food you possibly can, but the most important thing is that they are getting FED.  That’s it.

As for foods to avoid, I documented some of that here.     I have gone as far as not getting onions on any sandwich that I order because I know I am likely to give a piece of roast beef to the dogs.     Keep cabinets closed, and foods sealed.  If you are unsure whether your dog should have something, contact your vet or look around online.    

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